Title Vokalweg
Subtitle Duo (Trio) for Alto Saxophone, Cello and Live-Electronics
Year 2015
Instrumentation Alto saxophone, Cello, Live-Electronics (computer, audio interface, midi-controller and a 2 channel soundsystem)
Duration ~ 7:00
Premiere 2015, December 12th
Premiere Details Sax : Valentine Michaud Cello : Markus Hallikainen Live-electronics : Micha Seidenberg
Location ZHdK (Zurich University of the Arts)

When composing Vocal Way, I started from my fascination with vibrato. By this I mean in particular the vocal vibrato. I tried to compose this musical object, to look at it microscopically, so to speak, and to stretch it in time and in the spectrum. In addition, the piece is also based on a personal harmony which builds on a basic chord with 6 tones (E-flat, G-flat, A-flat, B, E, G). This chord is then enriched and permuted by various methods. Scales and new chords are created. If anyone is interested in details, feel free to ask me more about it. In this piece, the electronics should be integrated as firmly as possible into the instrumental sound, or a meta-instrument or meta-voice should be created from all three elements.

Vokalweg by Micha Seidenberg Valentine Michaud, saxophone Markus Hallikainen, cello ZHdK Contemporary Music Competition, Zürich 2016
© Micha Seidenberg